Listed below are some recent highlights from my personal and professional projects.

LG Promotions

I spent most of my working hours at Opia during 2020 building the LG Home Appliance and LG Entertainment platforms.

The websites allow LG to incentivise the sale of white goods and home entertainment products to their customers across the USA. All current and future promotions on the platform will encourage customers to "bundle" together different types of products to apply for greater rewards (primarily, cashback). These projects consumed many hours and lots of overtime to complete across the summer and autumn of 2020.

These LG platforms are SPAs made with VueJS. Working on these projects was my first experience with automated testing for the frontend: particularly using Cypress and ESLint. My main area of focus was setting up the frontend features to match the client's expectations. I also used Opia's internal APIs to set up the required data and logic for reward calculations.

Now that both platforms have launched, they will continue to run for the next 2 years with a variety of promotions still to come.


I enjoy making simple, fast and minimal websites in my own time. Because my job often requires me to constantly keep up-to-date with modern web standards, it's refreshing to strip back my personal projects to the very core requirements.

Listed are some of the websites I work on and maintain by myself.


I enjoy making and editing videos. Listed are some of my recent creations.