Hello, my name is Kerri.

I specialise in frontend web development, with a focus on accessibility and security.

Building websites has been my hobby since I was 10 years old. I pride myself on having gained an advanced knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 throughout my life.

In my career, I focus on developing my understanding of the full stack. My work over the past two years has concentrated on Laravel PHP, VueJS, SASS, WordPress and Jekyll. In my spare-time, I have been teaching myself Javascript. Although this was not required of me, I know it is important for my skill set. In the past, I have also involved myself in the build process from a design perspective. I have designed website mock-ups & user interfaces using Sketch and the Adobe suite.

I love the internet, but I know it can be better. I admit that the web can and should become more accessible in a wider variety of contexts. It should also do so without sacrificing user privacy. As a result, I am always eager to develop my competencies into broader areas of the development stack whilst staying true to these values.

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