Hello, my name is Kerri.

I specialise in frontend web development, with a focus on cross-platform compatibility and attention to detail.

Building websites has been my hobby since I was 10 years old. I pride myself on having gained an advanced knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 throughout my life.

In my career, I focus on developing my understanding of the full stack. My work over the past two years has concentrated on Laravel PHP, VueJS, SASS, WordPress and Jekyll. In my spare-time, I have been teaching myself Javascript. Although this has not required of me, I know it is important for my skill set. In the past, I have also involved myself in the build process from a design perspective. I have designed website mock-ups & user interfaces using Sketch and the Adobe suite.

I love the internet, but I know it can be better. I admit that the web can and should become more accessible in a wider variety of contexts. It should also do so without sacrificing user privacy. As a result, I am always eager to develop my competencies into broader areas of the development stack whilst staying true to these values.

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  • Discover some of my most recent projects on my Work page.
  • Read my Blogs for an insight into what I’m interested in.
  • See my full career history on LinkedIn.
  • Test my code on GitHub.

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I’ve developed my own ‘house style’ which I use for presentations, this website, and anything related to my career/portfolio.

  • The body font I use is Raleway.
  • The font I use for headings is Bitter.
  • The shade of green I use for links, accents and backgrounds is #007f6e (in Hex). This colour is very closely related to the Pantone 569 coffee mug my mother bought for me which I love.
  • I’m not too attached to the capital ‘K’ symbol used for my emblem, but I’ve not yet been able to think of anything better to use instead. If you have any ideas – please let me know.
  • You can find the full palette of colours I use on COLOURlovers

Tech Stack

  • I built this website using Jekyll in May 2017 after having grown exceptionally tired of WordPress. It was previously hosted on Github Pages, but now I use my own LAMP server for hosting. You can see my source code in the GitHub repo.
  • I currently use Ubuntu as my primary development OS but will also often use Mac OS if required.
  • I love PhpStorm, but will jump between Atom or Sublime Text depending on my mood.
  • I use OhMyZsh in my CLI because it is a fantastic and very handy addition (also, themes).