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Whether you are a Facebook user or not, the popularity of the platform means that having a presence there cannot be underestimated in running any project or campaign.

Have you ever noticed how some Facebook pages have shorter names in the address bar than others? For example, this Facebook page for ‘Field Magazine’ has a longer, more unwieldy address:

Whereas the URL for the Vestige Media Facebook page is much shorter:

The benefits of having a shorter Facebook address are many, primarily it is in the ease you will be able to communicate your exact address with others.

Creating a short-URL for your own Facebook page or profile is incredibly simple:

  • Head over to and log in to your Facebook account (if you are not already logged in)
  • Follow the options to select either your profile or a Page that you have Administration privileges for
  • A box will pop-up allowing you to enter your desired username, type in the URL (starting in that you would like to use and click ‘Check Availability’
  • If this address isn’t currently being used or has not been blocked for whatever reason, you will be given the option to confirm your chosen address.

You should note before setting a short URL for your Facebook profile or Page however that once set, it cannot be changed at any time — so choose wisely!