Rakuten Attribution

Rakuten Attribution

The Brief

I responded to an advertisement requesting graphic designers from Rakuten Attribution in the Spring of 2015. They were looking for support with designing and working on page layout for a brand new print publication covering performance marketing subjects for big brands and retail marketers.

Jennifer Le Roux, Rakuten Attribution
Jennifer Le Roux, Rakuten Attribution

Jennifer Le Roux from Rakuten Attribution, who I reported to directly on this project, had this to say about my work:

We needed support fast as we had a very tight deadline to meet and no design resource internally. I needed someone to support me and help me turnaround the magazine. This problem was solved with Kerri’s support.

My Work

I used Adobe Photoshop to edit images and InDesign laying out features and spreads for the first issue of the magazine. I worked alongside Jennifer and her team of content writers to ensure that the magazine went to print before the deadline.

Sadly, the finished work is bound by a NDA, so I cannot include it in on this website.

303 Bar

303 Bar: Dance, Drinks, Bites.
303 Bar: Dance, Drinks, Bites.

The Brief

During the Summer of 2015, I was commissioned to design the brand and décor for a new and exciting nightclub & bar opening in Nicosia, Cyprus.

I was referred to the client by a friend of mine. My contact at the bar, Thanos Pilavakis, was looking for a branding package for the new venue. I was asked to draw inspiration from the 1990s dance-music scene and London / New York nightlife.

Thanos Pilavakis
Thanos Pilavakis, 303 Bar

Thanos from 303 Bar, who I reported to directly on this project, had this to say about my work:

Being based in the UK, Kerri had more of a grasp of the concept we were aiming for. He could visualise it internationally, rather than designers based here in Cyprus who are more into the native frame of mind. Kerri understood the concept and worked well.

My Work


In my initial logo designs, I specifically chose lower-case characters where possible for a futuristic feel. I drew inspiration from British record label Warp Records, early-mid 90s rave, the Roland synthesiser series and many current bars and clubs in London & New York.

After the final logo design was settled upon. I created a logo pack for use by the venue team and any third-party wishing to use the logo in print or online.
You can download the 303 Bar Logo Pack from this link.

The logos were later used for printed stickers and PVC banners for decorating the venue.

Food & Drinks Menu

No nightclub, restaurant or bar would be complete without a menu and price list, this was definitely true for 303 Bar. Upon completion of the logo design, I set to work on the venue’s food and drinks menu.

The menu was designed with clarity in mind with a sleek, dark visual to accompany the venue. You can see my menu in action in the bar itself in the photos below.

Social Media Banners

I was also asked to create social media banners for the venue’s parties to be shared on websites like Facebook to advertise the club.


Business Card: Front

The Brief

Between late 2014 and Summer 2015, I worked closely with Beki Adam. Beki was running as an independent candidate in the 2015 general election for the Mid-Sussex area.

Beki required a designer and marketing assistant to design the visuals for her campaign. I acted as admin support and the primary designer for her ‘Vote ADAM’ campaign and created many vector-based art pieces using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

My Work

First Postal Flyer

The first flyer I worked on was a duo-fold A4, 4 page document. 10,000 of these flyers were printed and distributed around the Mid-Sussex area. I used a combination of Adobe software and mapping software QGIS to design this flyer.

Second Postal Flyer

Distributed by the Royal Mail to every household in the Mid-Sussex region including Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and East Grinstead. These flyers were printed and distributed by post to the 49,500 residents of the area.

Correx Boards

I worked on a simple design for printed correx boards to be attached to wooden poles for placing in visible public areas. The design had to be bold and with a clear message.


We managed to secure placement for a billboard for the Vote ADAM campaign across 2 separate weeks in the lead up to the May 7th 2015 election. The billboard was placed outside Haywards Heath train station and was in direct sight of commuters and passersby for 2 weeks.

Business Cards

Digital Press Pack for Third-Parties

One of my first jobs for the campaign was to produce a press pack for third-parties which contained all logos in a variety of colours and transparencies (for both web and print). I also included campaign fonts and colour codes (in Hex and CMYK) to ensure correct use of the campaign materials.

All campaign graphics, logos, fonts and a style guide for use by third-parties.
All campaign graphics, logos, fonts and a style guide for use by third-parties. You can download the press pack by following this link.

Outdoor Roll Up PVC Banner

To accompany Beki to public speaking events, we created a standing outdoor banner which displayed key information about the campaign.


I was also responsible for speaking to press as well as answering emails and the questions of potential voters during the campaign.


During my free time, I wrote and submitted a Wikipedia entry on Beki’s behalf.

Beki Adam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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