Elements Bound

Elements Bound

The Brief

I worked with Elements Bound throughout the Summer of 2015 to complete and launch their first official website. Sarah Monument, my contact at Elements Bound, was introduced to me through a friend. Sarah was looking for somebody to help complete their website with the proper integrations in order for it to go live.

The website already partly-existed as a WordPress theme, but it was not yet ready to go public. The team at Elements Bound required integration with AMPsuite, their record-label management software, and WordPress with WooCommerce, their content-management system of choice. I had worked with WordPress and AMPsuite before so was confident I could connect them both together.

My Work

Sarah, from Elements Bound, said this about my work:

“I was impressed with Kerri’s efficient timescales and attention to detail. It was clear that Kerri put great important into ensuring the overall quality of the work and the aesthetic design to meet with our objectives. A job well done and highly recommended.”


Although there was already a design and theme in place for the website, it required plenty of tweaking to ensure it operating as my client wanted it to. I styled content into ‘blocks’ which would stack alongside each other. Content blocks are responsive to screen-size, with jQuery containers sliding into place in relation to the maximum screen width.

Each content segment is powered by AMPsuite’s XML feeds, with product pages, listings and label biographies all being drawn from my clients AMPsuite account.


In addition, I also implemented a WooCommerce shop, allowing the Elements Bound team to sell digital and physical products, directly to their fans.

Elements Bound | Shop