Team 140

Team 140

The Brief

In 2015, I was asked by Team 140 to design several digital banners for their website, social media profiles and email newsletter to advertise the show. I had worked with Team 140 previously to design and print a promotional DJ Mix ‘A New Movement’.

The Team 140 duo had this to say about my work:

Dead happy with all the work you’ve done, thanks very much for all that.

My Work

Banner Graphics

Each banner includes a call-to-action and related imagery for use on their website.

There were also 10 additional banners made for a set of ‘Tribute’ shows the duo were hosting in the run up to their 200th episode. Each banner was recreated in a variety of different sizes for the duo’s various social media accounts.

CD Album: ‘A New Movement’

I also created the CD packaging artwork for  Team 140’s DJ mix ‘A New Movement’.

The photography of the duo was intended to be a key feature of the artwork with the group’s logo included in the blank space.

Portmanteau Agency


The Brief

Portmanteau are a sync-licensing agency based in the UK. They provide music for film, television, advertisements and video games.

I was originally asked by the a founding member of Portmanteau Agency to create a CD sleeve for promotional material, as well as a website for the agency to showcase their work.

I continued to work with the agency from 2010 to 2015 and beyond, keeping their website up to date and creating new CD sampler sleeves as and when required..

My Work


As a sync-licensing agency, Portmanteau needed their website to primarily contain their portfolio of work alongside their contact details. What was important was for new potential clients to see their previous music placements and most recent work.

The design continues their pre-existing black and grey branding and features a serif-font for headings and a clean, readable sans-serif for body text. As I knew that portfolio work was to take centre-stage, I wanted to make the website purely exist on one, lightweight PHP page.

Promotional CD Series

Walkies of London

Walkies of London

The Brief

During 2013, I was asked by Walkies of London to design and print their marketing material for various trade-shows and exhibitions.

The head of marketing a Walkies of London and my contact there, Alexandra, was looking for a series of printed materials to hand out to their current and potential clients.

My Work


I produced two flyers for Walkies of London. The first was for handing out to potential clients and to drop into pet shops, cafes, bars and local restaurants in areas where they provided dog walking services. The second was specifically for handing out to delegates of the London Pet Show in Earls Court.

Standing PVC Banner

Walkies of London also required a standing PVC banner design for use at trade shows and events. I produced this in a similar design to the flyers.